J P Chandra Babu

Personal information of Comedian Chandra Babu

• Birth year : 1929
• Father - Jacob Pitchai
• Religion - Christian
• Schooling & College : St.Josephs College, Colombo and Aquinas University College during the Second World War period.
• Active cinema years : from 1940 till 1970
• Year of death : 1974

Biography of Tamil Comedian Chandra Babu

Native place is Tuticorin, Tamilnadu India, but raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where Comedian Chandra Babu's father worked for a Tamil daily published there, during the British colonial days. He was a gift for Chandra Babu's parents as they prayed piously to Joesph for a healthy baby, after his birth. He did his

After Second world war, he came from Tuticorin to Chennai in search of life and career. Chandra Babu tried to become a film artist with his multi talents and he got success in his attempts. Debut movie is Thana Amaravathi (1947), but this film flopped in box office, he struggled for the next 5 to 6 years to expose his talents. He elevated himself from a normal actor to the second generation of popular Tamil film comedians. He was a great singer during his film career. His attitude along with Comedian Chandra Babu's got him to many peaks in his Tamil film career and those peaks got a lot of enemies.

Tamil comedian Chandra babu personnel life

Even tough Tamil comedian Chandra babu had milti talents like acting, singing, dancing in those ancient black and white days, Chandra babu was not succeeded in his personnel life. Thus, Tamil Comedian Chandra Babu became addicted to alcohol after a failed marriage and died in 1974, at the very young age of 45.

Tamil Comedian Chandra Babu's Career

As we discussed above earlier, Tamil comedian Chandra babu was multi talented and he was a great singer and dancer. Tamil Comedian Chandra Babu was also famous for his movements like ace actor Charlie Chaplin.
Tamil Comedian Chandra Babu's singing dance performance in the Tamil old songs like Bambarakkannalae, were very famous in those black and white days. One of the main reasons for Tamil comedian Chandra babu's songs hit was his humorous acting too. Chandra babu's every movement on the screen made the Tamil audience to laugh a lot.

Tamil comedian Chandra Babu's voice a bit different from the other professional singer of those days. Chandra babu had a bass voice which was helpful for him to manage with the long rhymed old Tamil rhythms. Chandra babu was not aware of great karnatic music which was a very familiar one in those days. Tamil comedian chandra babu's active Tamil cinema period was between 1970's. Comedian Chandra Babu was inspired by Jerry Lewisthe world renowned Hollywood comedian-actor.Comedian Chandra Babu's slapstick style of comedy was adopted by actors like Prabhu Deva.

Madras language, a dialect unique to the lower socio-economic status people in chennai was something that easily came to him. Many songs of Comedian Chandra Babu are still popular amongst all.

How life changed for Comedian Chandra Babu

Comedian Chandra Babu's best movie was Sabash Meena. He directed movie was 'Thattungal Thirakkappadum,' which was a statement for chandra bau's multi talented skills in cinematography too. Chandra Babu, known for his wits, in this movie, acted as a physically challenged person who couldn't speak. That was, allegedly his last directing venture.

Hit songs from Comedian Chandra Babu

1. Konjam Thallikanum (song) in Kadavulai Kandane
2. Naan Oru Muttalunga in Sahodari
3. Gova Mambazhame Malgova Mambazhame in Maman Magal
4. Ungal Kaikal in Kadavulai Kandane
5. Kavalai Illadha Manidhan in Kavalai Illadha Manidhan
6. Kunguma Poove Konjum Puraave,(with Jamuna Rani) in Maragadham
7. Pirakkum Podhum Azhukindran in Kavalai Illadha Manidhan
8. Porandhalum Aambalaiya Porakka Koodadhu,(with LR Eswari) in Policekaaran Magal
9. Eppo Vachikkalaam, Eppadi Vachikkalaam in Pandhapasam.
10. Rock Rock Rock,(with Tiruchi Loganathan) in Padhi Bhakti
11. Thangadhamma Thangadhu Samsaram Thangadhu in Senthamarai
12. Bambara Kannale in Manamagan Thevai
13. Nee Adinal,(with Jikki) in Pandi Thevan
14. Kanmani Pappa in Thattungal Thirakkappadum
15. Sirippu Varudhu Sirippu Varudhu in Andavan Kattalai
16. Ayyo Machan Mannaru in Sri Valli
17. Ondra Kannu Doriya in Valiba Virundhu (with Jamuna Rani)
18. Thadukkadhe Ennai Thadukkadhe,(with Jamuna Rani) in Nadodi Mannan
19. Jigu Jigu Jigu,(with Jikki) in Kathavarayan
20. Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga in Pudhayal(1957)
21. Pudichalum Pudhicha Puliyankomba Pudicha in Nimirnthu Nil
22. Kalyanam Kalyanam... Ullasamagave Ulagathil in Penn (playback only, for Veenai S. Balachandar)
23. Ennai theriyalayaa - Yaarukku Sondha
24. Paraanda Mannar Ellam in Kulebaghavali.
25. Jolly Life, Jolly Life - Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachari (playback only, for Sivaji Ganesan)
26. Un Thirumugathey Oru Mugama in Mahadevi
27. Kadhal Enbathu Edhu Varai in Paatha Kaanikkai
28. Hello My Dear Ramy (dressed as an Anglo-Indian lady)
29. Intha Thinnai Paechu in Padhi Bhakti
30. Thillaana Paatu Paadi Kullathaara, (with Jikki) in Pudhumai Piththan
31. Moodinalum Thirandhalum
32. Onnume Puriyalae Ulagathile
33. Thaniya Thavikkira Vayasu in Paathakaanikkai
34. Thanthaane Than Thaane
35. Yeh Vilayaadu Raaja Vilayaadu
36. Oho meri bul bul bul (duet with Jamuna Rani).
37. Puthiyulla Manidharellam (song) in Annai

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